Budget friendly restaurant in Singapore with United Airlines

Singapore is one country in Asia drawing most tourists from across the world. Though it is considered the costliest country, it has many well-known restaurants, which offers a pocket-friendly menu. It is often found that getting together often leads to restaurants, which has no value for those who are aware of their pocket. If you have been to Singapore and want to try new dishes in restaurants based in Singapore, then there are many pocket-friendly restaurants available. You are required to visit the United Airlines Official Site for availing best deals on booking of the flights.

Here some of the list of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Singapore.

Lola’s Café

The most interesting thing about this restaurant is the timing of service of the food. The time of serving the food is from 10am to 3 pm. You will have the best food in the restaurant. You will find the local food in this restaurant. The price of the food is very reasonable as the price starts from $5 to $16 depending on the level of food.

Nana Thai

The restaurant Nana Thai is one of the best Thai foods in entire Singapore. You will find the best Thai food within a very reasonable price. The Grilled Pork is best in the restaurant. The price of gorging on the food in the restaurant varies from $5 to $10.

Swee Choon

The Sween Choon is considered one of the best dim sum joints in Singapore. If you are hungry and coming out of the office, then this restaurant can be the ideal place for you. The restaurant reminds you of those days when you spent lots of money on visiting the clubs. The restaurant opens at 6pm. You should try Salted Yolk Custard Bun. The price range may vary from $2 to $10.

Eighteen Chefs

If you want to go to the restaurant, which offers a very reasonable price, then you should go to Eighteen Chefs. You will find everything like food, cooked eggs. Apart from these, the desert will surely blow your mind. Interesting facts are that they offer the $2 discounts on students.

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