Plan a beach holiday with family to Malibu with United Airlines Flights

Malibu is best for those who want a pleasant climate, world-class beaches and an exciting place where the celebs stay. The locals and the frequent fliers call this place ‘ Bu.’ It stretches over 21 miles and is picturesque as a stretch. Let us quickly look at which beaches to go

Big rock beach is one of the secluded beaches. If someone wants to save the kids from tasteless music, suggestive dancing, and custom of nude beaches, then they would like this beach which is being touted as a beach for families. You can enjoy many a sunset here. Since family time means time with kids, therefore, you could go crab hunting here with the little ones. Make United Airlines Reservations to experience these fantastic rock formations.

Malibu Pier for when you want your kids to learn surfing. The kids would also judge here what clean fun means. Take the kids here to learn the history of the place, and then go boating. The motto of this beach is ‘ A family that surfs together stays together.’

El Matador state beach is one of those beaches which are being called Malibu’s best-kept secrets. The sea caves and stones make for a beautiful site. The beach comes after a walk and which makes the place good to go on foot and the trail is gorgeous just like the beach. Go through the United Airlines Official Site to book seats to arrive in Malibu in style.

Zuma beach

You would not want your kids at an unclean and unhealthy beach. Therefore, our next beach recommendation is the Zuma beach which is rated continuously among the healthiest and most clean beach not just in Malibu but all over the world.

Point Dume Beach

The last beach on our list is a mainstream beach if your kids want to see the beach the way it is supposed to be seen by the adults. There are many restaurants, fishing, and swimming areas which even the kids can enjoy. Land here and get United Airlines Deals to save money.

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