Visit green spaces and natural landscapes in Campinas with united airlines

Situated in the state of Sao Paulo, Campinas is the city filled with natural spots which are the main attraction of this city. Campinas means meadows and plains and this city also goes by many nicknames such as Princesad’Oeste, Brazilian Silicon Valley as well as Cidade das Andorinhas. Besides natural and historical spots, Campinas has many things to offer to their beloved tourists. From shopping complexes to restaurants and from exploring landscapes to nightlife, there are many exciting things to do and see in this city. Visitors can access the scenic villages and old towns with their loved ones and make special memories. Make sure to check out picturesque towns of the Mantiqueira mountain range. You will also find historical heritage dating from 19th century. Buy tickets from united airlines reservations official site for budget flights for your family to Campinas.

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Take your family and kids to the Campinas-Jaguariuna steam locomotive ride and explore the city streets in the lanes. These cycling lanes are open only from 7 am to 1 pm. They will first take you to the first links Lagoa do Taquaral which is in the north, then to Largo do Rosario which is located in the downtown of the city, then to the Parque Linear do Capivari (Downtown) and then to Bosque Augusto Ruschi located in the southeastern part of the city. You can enjoy various theatrical performances in the Teatro Municipal Jose de Castro Mendes as well as Campinas municipal theatre which hosts plenty of performances by artists. Travel to Campinas by doing cheap united airlines flights booking.

If you are a fan of Brazilian soap opera then you might even get a chance to see famous TV actors. SESI Campinas also hosts plenty of cultural fests and activities, concerts, events, theaters and many more. Do not miss to visit Parque Portugal which has a large park, stadium, and museums. Take your kids Jequitibá Woods Park and take them to the zoo and playground. Travel to the Torre do Castelo which has a water tower with panoramic views. Book united airlines deals for low cost airlines to Campinas.

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