Top sights to visit in Fremantle with your family and kids with United Airlines

This summer vacation; plan your trip to Australia. There are many beautiful cities which you can visit one by one. Plan your trip to Fremantle because this city is a place which can get you easily hooked with its history and culture. From contemporary art galleries to historical prisons and from parks and gardens to huge harbors, you will find everything historical here in this city. Take your family and kids to a visit to Fremantle Prison which is a former jail. It has been preserved and restored for learning purposes. You will find thousands of exhibits inside the jail that tells us how the life of prisoners inside was. Book your tickets from united airlines flights at cheap rates.

This will be an educational place for your small kids so don’t miss to explore this place. There is one more prison in Fremantle that you should definitely visit is popularly named as Round House. It is a very old historical prison which has been preserved since the 19th century in Fremantle, Australia. There is also a huge place for art lovers and the gallery is known as Fremantle Arts Centre. You can be part of live concerts or explore some of the beautiful exhibits of the olden time. This is a huge historical space for art lovers so you better add this art gallery on your bucket list. Find united flight deals and get amazing offers.

Have you ever traveled inside a ruined ship? I guess not. Visit WA Shipwrecks Museum which has been declared as a museum. Tourists from all around the world never forget to visit this place when they are touring in this country. You will find many shipwrecked artifacts and other important stuff which are very educational for all. Explore this historical with your family and friends. WA Maritime Museum is a submarine tour where you can discover many historical exhibits. Make sure to take proper guide inside who can explain you certain things about the old historical era. Avail discounted plane tickets only at united airlines.

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